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Oj Simpson Justice At Last A Goldman Attorney Speaks Out

Not being a fan of football, the name OJ Simpson little meaning for me, in June 1994, I have certainly heard the name in the news in connection with a horrific double murder in Los Angeles, but living in Southern California, these activities seem almost a way of life in some parts of LA. The reason? A white bronco with two former football heroes and more than 20 squad cars were engaged in a slow procession as hunting, on the highways of LA. My first real brush with the OJ Simpson case came on the afternoon of Friday June 17. I had spent the week visiting some of the remote offices of the companies I worked for. What is normally two and a half hour trip took six hours. Around 2pm, I decided that I should do and the way that high tail back to my house in San Diego, the trip from Van Nuys to San Diego is a simple one, until you get on the road before rush hour, an hour car along the I405 then south on I5 with your feet firmly grounded! Today was different, the 405 was a parking lot.
18.12.08 16:51

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